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 The Way To Hope Christian Retreat Center is ready to host your next Women's, Men's and Church Leadership Retreat. Meet our team that is ready to help you have a successful retreat.

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Women Retreats

Daniel Murray is the Founder and Director of the Christian Healing Center, Inc. a non-profit organization located on Route 1 in Ormond Beach, Florida. He is, also, the Convener for the International Order of St. Luke the Physician; and, has been involved in International Healing Missions for over 10 years.

Daniel has had the honor of witnessing Jesus bring healing of cancer, scoliosis, paralysis, asthma; and, many other diseases, throughout the nations. He has authored a book titled "Help Me Jesus" that is about being used by Jesus to heal.

He, and the other prayer Ministers, have taught the School of Healing program, at the Christian Healing Center, for the past 8 years. Many of their graduates have began healing services at other churches, while others, throughout Florida, have started their own Christian Healing Centers. In addition, Daniel has a prayer line radio program, that streams world wide, on WAPN 91.5 FM in Holly Hill, Florida.

Daniel graduated from the University of Georgia in 1962 with Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. In 1963, he received his Masters of Science degree in Food Sciences. Daniel is a retired Major in the United States Air Force. He is the former President; and, Chairman, of the Board of Research and Development Associates, which is a joint Military Civilian task force that developed the MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat); and, other feeding systems, for all of the United States Armed Forces.  During his time of service, he was awarded a Certificate of Patriotic Civilian Service; and, additionally, awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree. He has served as Vice President of Marketing and R&D for a division of Fleischmann’s. Daniel, also, holds several patents.

The Christian Healing Center now hosts International Healing Conferences in Daytona Beach, Florida featuring Liilian deFin who is the great granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth. He is famous for saying "Christ in us is greater than we know. All things are possible if you dare to believe." Because of the faith and obedience of one man, thousands were saved, physical healings were witnessed, and lives were changed forever.

Women Retreats

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Daniel Murray - 386-679-7300